Below is the average upvc windows price in Islamabad. Mainly price wise there are two brackets in which the upvc windows falls.

  • Economical uPVC Windows (Economical pvc windows)

In the economical range there are two kinds of profiles.

                         A. Locally Produce upvc material (profiles) mostly in karachi and Lahore

Examples are SkyPen from Karachi and Pamo from Lahore

                        B. Imported chines material (profiles)

Examples are Henan Beidi from china

In the economical pvc windows range, price of upvc windows is about 650 Rs per square feet with clear or transparent glass.

  • Premium uPVC Windows (Premium pvc windows)

In the premium upvc windows price range comprises on the upvc material or profiles imported from European countries like Turkey, Belgium and Germany

Example of premium high quality upvc profile is Deceuninck. This is in world top 3 companies and based in Belgium

Average price of Premium upvc windows is about 1200 Rs per square feet with clear or transparent glass. Mostly Double glaze glass is used with the high quality pvc profiles which costs about 200 Rs per square feet more.

  • Glass cost in the upvc windows

Price of glass in the upvc windows is constant. So either you use a economical upvc window or a high quality premium imported pvc profile from Europe, it will cost you the same. But this is generally true for the A Grade Local glass.

  • Single Clear Glass: 200 Rs.
  • Tinted Glass: 230
  • Reflective Glass: 245
  • Double Glaze Clear Glass: 400
  • Double Glaze with Georgian Bar: 550

Although the building material prices in the last two year in general have increased about 10 % to 20 % , but the upvc windows price is mostly constant because of ever increasing competition between the existing, new and emerging upvc windows supplier companies.

At the same time, there are some providers which are providing upvc windows cheaper than aluminum windows. Buyers need to be very careful when buying on such prices as in most cases suppliers have cut corners to reduce cost which are essential items. Once example of which is not putting steel reinforcement in the upvc frames.

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